Student Thriller Telugu movie in 2020

Student Thriller Telugu movie in 2020

With approximately 95-100 movies, web series, and documentaries currently under production, the Telugu film industry can pat itself on the back for being India’s busiest film and entertainment industry. A host of factors have contributed to the surge in production. The most notable among these is the increasing appetite of the audiences for digital content streaming on several OTT platforms such as aha. Other reasons include the burning desire of people forced to stay at home, to watch their favourite stars on the big screen, resumption of film shootings left midway, and new projects that could not start because of the pandemic.

The Telugu film industry waited eagerly to see if the audiences would return to theatres when the Telangana Government announced its decision to re-open cinema halls with 50% occupancy. The successful release of more than 75 films in theatres since January 2021, with a handful of them going on to become blockbusters, has shown that all is not lost for the industry. The industry is lining up several other movies starring some of the industry’s biggest stars for release in April and May.

Post the re-opening of cinema halls, films scheduled to release directly on OTT platforms have re-negotiated their deals to allow them a reasonable time to run in theatres before being made available online. As such, more and more hits recently are enjoying a considerable gap between their release in theatres and on OTT platforms.

Among the 95-100 projects currently under production, several are big and medium-budget movies announced before the government implemented the lockdown. The rest are primarily new entrants that jumped into the fray, hoping that one of the many OTT platforms currently operating will pay a premium price for their release.

Today’s review section features the Telugu thriller movie ‘Arjun Suravaram’. Let’s find out how it is.

Plot Summary

The plot revolves around Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil Siddharth), who works as a sting reporter for a small channel, TV99. Along with his cameraman Rambabu (Sathya), he works on a mission to expose a rampant drug racket. During all this, the daughter of TV99’s CEO, Kavya (LavanyaTripathi), gets attracted to Arjun and falls in love with him. When all seems to be going well, Arjun is suddenly arrested and put behind bars for faking his educational certificate. Once out on bail, Arjun realizes he has unwillingly become a victim of a scam of gigantic proportions. How he uses his investigative journalism skills to expose the racket is the story of Arjun Suravaram.


Nikhil has dished out a convincing performance in every aspect of his role. As a caricaturish villain, Tarun Arora has brought alive the reality of fake certificate scams on the screen. Vennela Kishore makes people laugh as an incompetent lawyer. The remaining cast has performed decently.

Technical Aspects

The background music by Sam Cs adds value to the movie. The cinematography is decent, and the songs ok. The action scenes are gripping.

All in all, the director T.N. Santosh has perfectly showcased the fake certificate racket. The story packs a punch and makes for an exciting watch.

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